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Biography: Mirza Aljić (Arronax) is one of the earliest Goa Trance producers in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He was born in 1987 and his first steps into the world of electronic music were made during the days in primary school.

In the very beginning, with the breakthrough of VST technology & DAWs, he was experimenting with various instruments and sounds recorded in his improvised home studio. Inspired by a great band, The Prodigy, Mirza was producing some heavier electronic stuff at the time, however none of it was a release material. Sometimes in 2002 he confronted the style of Psychedelic Trance. The moments when he first heard Astral Projection’s “Soundform” and “Mahadeva”, Shakta’s “Lepton Head” and “Silicon Trip”, were the moments of utmost significance for his musical orientation. Amazed by the beauty and complexity of trance music, Mirza has set off on a long journey, a journey where he would find a new meaning and purpose of music in his life.

Even today, artists like Shakta, Man With No Name, Pleiadians and Etnica remain his main influence in Goa trance music. While trying to keep the old spirit of Goa music alive, Arronax also introduces production techniques and complexity of the new Goa Trance era in his own and unique way.

Influences: Many different and totally not related music genres and styles influenced the choice of Arronax’s musical performance. Whether it’s from power/progressive metal or ambient and world/ethno music, he can always find inspiration for his own music and his artwork. Some remarkable bands and artists which influenced Arronax are Stratovarius, Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Shpongle, Younger Brother, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Juno Reactor, The Prodigy, Pitch Shifter, and many many more.


  • Dreamcatcher (CDr, Album), Symbiosis Label (2005)
  • Floating Desire (CDr, Single), Symbiosis Label (2006)
  • Quiet Darkness - VA Monologue (File, MP3, Comp), Psygarden (2006)
  • Quiet Darkness - VA Bh Electronix Part 4 ‎(File, MP3, Comp, Mixed) (2008)
  • Forest Of Twilight - VA Ya Wichna ‎(CDr, Comp), Phototropic Records (2009)
  • First Contact - VA Modra Zora ‎(12xFile, MP3, Comp), Cosmic Flower Records (2010)
  • The Journey Continues - VA Goatronika ‎(CD, Comp), Phototropic Records (2010)
  • Black Hole (Extended Trip) feat. Somnesia - VA Dimensional Gateway, Neogoa (2010)
  • Acid Sunshine feat. Weedran - VA Saur Maas, Kalpamantra (2011)
  • The Dark Flow - VA The Omega Point, Neogoa (2012)
  • Acid Sunshine (2012 Edit) feat. Weedran - VA The Call Of Goa, Ovnimoon Records/Timewarp (2013)
  • Black Hole (Revisited) feat. Somnesia - VA Epoch Of The Terrans ‎(CD, Comp), Suntrip Records (2014)
  • Crossing The Rubicon (Digital, Album), Neogoa (2014)

Epoch Of The Terrans has been released!

Epoch Of The Terrans is the result of a collaboration between Neogoa and Suntrip Records. This limited edition CD is compiled by Neogoa label-head Richpa and it features some of the most psychedelic and melodic Goa trance tracks released on Neogoa in last three years, but this time with brand new mastering by Tim Schuldt and unique artwork.

Epoch Of The Terrans features popular artists such as Crossing Mind, Imba, Arronax & Somnesia, Astrancer, as well, as promising talents like Morphic Resonance, BlackStarrFinale, Lunar Dawn, GoaTree and Mindphoria.


Neogoa is a newschool Goa trance netlabel, website and design studio founded in 2010 by Richpa, with the aim to release, promote and share high quality psychedelic trance and ambient music. Richpa has been known by his highly sucessful Dimensional Gateway compilation series, aswell as being the creator of Future Architecture and Pantheon compilations.

Neogoa achieved the status of one of the best psychedelic trance netlabels in less than three years. Our highly acclaimed compilations, always placing highly in Ektoplazm’s publicly voted annual “best of” list, is a testament to Neogoa’s vision and hard work, as well as the musicians who made it happen. Neogoa is proud to be one of the leading Goa trance promotional platforms for this unique music and culture, with over 20 hours of the finest free and legal Goa trance and psychedelic ambient released so far and with over 70 various artists and DJs featured.

Release Date : Jul 16, 2014
Total time : 77:12
Style : Melodic Goa Trance
Mastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios, Germany
Artwork : Richpa @ Neogoa Design, Croatia
Cat no : SUNCDLE04
Format : CD
Copies pressed : 300


  1. Crossing Mind - Virutal Mind Cleaner
  2. Morphic Resonance - Chormatic World
  3. Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Remix)
  4. BlackStarrFinale - A New Name
  5. GoaTree - The Force
  6. Arronax & Somnesia - Black Hole (Revisited)
  7. Astrancer - Tetragrammaton
  8. Mindphoria - The Picture


Celestial Transvibrations

I’m currently working on 100% oldschool Goa trance compilation for the first time. Probably it won’t fit in the description of the highly melodic positive trance music which became some sort of standard nowdays, but for sure it will satisfy the people who like their Goa trance more experimental, darker and obscure.


*first WIP version of the artwork, made by Neogoa Design

So far I recieved couple of really amazing tracks by some less-known producers and it feels good to dig deep again to find some good underground stuff. The pace of this project probably won’t get any faster in the upcoming months due to already busy schedule at Neogoa with other major releases (Epoch Of The Terrans and The World Beyond compilations) coming out this year, but for sure, this one will deliver some proper wickedness, and I really hope the completed tracklist will be ready by the end of festival season.

In case you’re producing Goa trance music or know someone who is doing this kind of stuff mentioned earlier, feel free to forward him this post and our contact details, which are:

email: iparic70@gmail.com
For demo tracks please, follow these rules:
- NO Soundcloud / YouTube / Bandcamp links
- NO unfinished projects/tracks or clips
- Your track(s) must be in at least 16-bit WAV or 320 MP3 format(s)
- Extra infos about your project and track are welcomed

Please know that I don’t reply instantly on email messages, so don’t worry, I will listen to all tracks and give you feedback about the demo material.

Thanks a lot!

The World Beyond

During the last couple of weeks people asked me about the annoucement of #therealmenaceproject posted a month ago on Psynews and Facebook and what is the connection between that and the Dimensional Gateway compilation series? So, I finally took some time to give you more info about the project and the idea behind, so here are the details which can be revealed to you now:


The name of compilation won’t be #therealmenaceproject, it’s only a project/folder name for all the activites that has to do something with the compilation and during the February I haven’t figured the name of compilation, so using a project name for the annoucement was a logical thing, the name of compilation is THE WORLD BEYOND. It’s gonna be a sequel to the ideas presented on DG, but with a little bit different approach, and mood which can be defined as more experimental.

The compilation will contain only 4 tracks and each track will be made between two projects who appeared on our previous compilations and albums. Each track (or how I like to call it ‘chapter) on compilation will be between 16-20 minutes in lenght. The artists featured on this compilation won’t be revealed, even after the release of the compilation we will keep the identity of the artists secret for some period of time.

Some people might think that we’re not giving a proper credit or promotion of the artists, but trust me, they won’t need it, especially because we always gave 120% to bring the best possible line-up for our Dimensional Gateway compilations, knowing that and the fact that many people believe in Neogoa  projects, was enough for me to go with this idea and disscus it with the artists. The interesting fact might be also that artists themselves doesn’t know who are the other collaborators, besides their own collaboration.

The style of compilation will be Goa trance, but unlike the previous DG compilations, The World Beyond will be much more atmospheric, storytelling and darker. The definition of dark here won’t be some evil high-BPM madness, the dark vibe here will depend more on the mood, tone and the setting of the compilation. The conceptual elements which were included in my previous DG compilations such as multi-dimensionality, life beyond Earth, Annunakis and the Illuminati symbolism will get an extra details and motifs here, and things will be more connected, probably through some fictional story and narration in the artwork, with more focus on the occult things and the horrors and fears of the unknown - beyond our own world and reality. I think you get the idea here.

Release date for this project will be December and if we finish the whole thing before the deadline, the exact release should be December 1st (like previous DG compilations). The World Beyond will be released for FREE DOWNLOAD on Ektoplazm and during the next 6 months I’ll try to keep you posted and updated with this project!

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BlackStarrFinale’s debut ‘Auryn’ is almost ready

I feel so excited about this album because Luis from BSF spent a lot of time working on it and I can say it really sounds flawless, however we just need to send tracks to mastering and it will be ready and hopefully available on Ektoplazm sometime during the June. You can already preview album on our Soundcloud page. Anyway, here is artwork for release, it’s made by Neogoa Design and snake design is made by Paul Richardson (you can check his wonderful creations here). Tracklist and artwork:

  1. Nothing (feat. Psibindi on vocals) - 143 BPM
  2. The Child Hunter - 143 BPM
  3. The Many and The Luck Dragon - 143 BPM
  4. Uyulala - 138 BPM
  5. A New Name - 145 BPM
  6. Graograman - 138 BPM
  7. The Star Cloister - 144 BPM
  8. The Emperor’s Journey - 143 BPM
  9. Doña Aiuola - 145 BPM
  10. AURYN - 138 BPM