Neogoa is a newschool Goa trance netlabel, website and design studio founded in 2010 by Richpa, with the aim to release, promote and share high quality psychedelic trance and ambient music. The first version of the project and web site was created during the summer 2010, when Richpa combined his previously essays about Goa trance history and origins with a database that contained all the necessary information about new Goa trance artists and labels, all with one goal: to share all relevant information about the psychedelic music scene in one place. Shortly after, the idea of creating a first Neogoa compilation became vivid. The final result was “Dimensional Gateway”, a conceptual compilation which can be experienced as a real “psychedelic space odyssey” by many people. The goal of this release was to truthfully represent the essence of Goa trance, and we believe that we have succeeded. In summer 2011, Neogoa Design was founded as a visual department of Neogoa netlabel. Soon after, Neogoa Design started producing cover art and other promotional material for other major Goa trance labels, including Suntrip, Phototropic, DAT, UAF, Ovnimoon, Sita, and Altar Records, to name a few. During early December 2011, Neogoa was put on hiatus as Richpa worked on the sub-label Graviton Records, but after just a few months the Neogoa label was reborn through the “The Omega Point” compilation. Now Neogoa has returned to its roots with a clear vision: to provide even more free and legal Goa trance music, reviews, DJ mixes, and interviews. In addition to releasing quality music and becoming a sought-after design shop, Neogoa also follows the newest releases in this genre and offers daily news with enthusiastic support from labels such as Suntrip, Sita, Cronomi,and UAF Records. During spring 2013, Richpa started to provide interviews with musicians and labels, with the aim to provide more “behind the scenes” information to the public, and of course to promote music. It is also worth mentioning that Neogoa achieved the status of one of the best psychedelic trance netlabels in less than three years. Our highly acclaimed compilations, always placing highly in Ektoplazm’s publicly voted annual “best of” list, is a testament to Neogoa’s vision and hard work, as well as the musicians who made it happen. Neogoa is proud to be one of the leading Goa trance promotional platforms for this unique music and culture, with over 14 hours of the finest free and legal Goa trance and psychedelic ambient released so far and with over 50 various artists and DJs featured.
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Second track from the upcoming debut Alienoma EP on Neogoa entitled ‘The Abyss’. Alienoma is Luiz Fernando Wilhelm from Brazil. For more informations, please visit Neogoa on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr!

Alienoma - See The Abyss by Neogoa is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

First track from the upcoming debut Sun Shadow EP on Neogoa entitled ‘Dissolving Who We Are’. Sun Shadow is Alex Vinshu from Russia. For more informations, please visit Neogoa on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr!

Sun Shadow - Dissolving Who We Are by Neogoa is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.


During the last couple of weeks people asked me about the annoucement of #therealmenaceproject posted a month ago on Psynews and Facebook and what is the connection between that and the Dimensional Gateway compilation series? So, I finally took some time to give you more info about the project and the idea behind, so here are the details which can be revealed to you now:

The name of compilation won’t be #therealmenaceproject, it’s only a project/folder name for all the activites that has to do something with the compilation and during the February I haven’t figured the name of compilation, so using a project name for the annoucement was a logical thing, the name of compilation is THE WORLD BEYOND. It’s gonna be a sequel to the ideas presented on DG, but with a little bit different approach, and mood which can be defined as more experimental.

The compilation will contain only 4 tracks and each track will be made between two projects who appeared on our previous compilations and albums. Each track (or how I like to call it ‘chapter) on compilation will be between 16-20 minutes in lenght. The artists featured on this compilation won’t be revealed, even after the release of the compilation we will keep the identity of the artists secret for some period of time.


Some people might think that we’re not giving a proper credit or promotion of the artists, but trust me, they won’t need it, especially because we always gave 120% to bring the best possible line-up for our Dimensional Gateway compilations, knowing that and the fact that many people believe in Neogoa  projects, was enough for me to go with this idea and disscus it with the artists. The interesting fact might be also that artists themselves doesn’t know who are the other collaborators, besides their own collaboration.

The style of compilation will be Goa trance, but unlike the previous DG compilations, The World Beyond will be much more atmospheric, storytelling and darker. The definition of dark here won’t be some evil high-BPM madness, the dark vibe here will depend more on the mood, tone and the setting of the compilation. The conceptual elements which were included in my previous DG compilations such as multi-dimensionality, life beyond Earth, Annunakis and the Illuminati symbolism will get an extra details and motifs here, and things will be more connected, probably through some fictional story and narration in the artwork, with more focus on the occult things and the horrors and fears of the unknown - beyond our own world and reality. I think you get the idea here.

Release date for this project will be December and if we finish the whole thing before the deadline, the exact release should be December 1st (like previous DG compilations). The World Beyond will be released for FREE DOWNLOAD on Ektoplazm and during the next 6 months I’ll try to keep you posted and updated with this project!

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We’re happy to announce that new long-awaited Arronax album entitled 'Crossing The Rubicon' will be finally released by Neogoa instead of Graviton Records. We decided it’s much better to have this piece of art available through the Ektoplazm instead of having it only on Bandcamp. To experience CTR and the feeling, grab the full track entitled 'Dreams Of Planet Earth' from our Soundcloud!

We’re happy to say that we will offer 25% off for any orders placed between 12th and 31st March for CD (physical) artwork designs. This discount however, doesn’t apply on previous deals and digital releases, for which pricing still is the same. So, during this period of time, instead of paying 100,00 € for complete artwork, you save 25,00 € and get professional treatment by Neogoa Design graphic designers team. For all informations contact us: Our portfolio can be found here under the ‘Design’ section!

Last track from the upcoming ‘Brain Dissolver’ album by PsiloCybian on Neogoa netlabel. Written and produced by Saša Dukić. Mastering by Igor Čeranić (Deimos Soundlabs).

8 storytellers…4 paths…1 destination


  1. Filteria - The Lights Of Shibuya (Suntrip) BUY
  2. Crossing Mind - Virtual Mind Cleaner (UAF / Neogoa) *^
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  4. Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World (Neogoa) * DOWNLOAD
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  8. PsiloCybian - Strange Place To Play (Neogoa) *^
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* - free releases
^ - unreleased